How To Add Profile Images To Facebook Chat

Facebook chat has become more exciting and it seems both Google+ and Facebook are coming up with new features almost every day. In this new feature, you can include profile pictures of your friends and pages on Facebook. So let’s say you want to add my picture while talking to me or a friend, you simply have to put [[harshadg]] in your chat. This will display my profile picture inside your chat box as harshadg is my profile name on Facebook.

This also works with Facebook pages. So if I enter [[thedotcomblog]] inside the Facebook chat window, it will show the profile picture which is my blog’s logo. This works because I have a Facebook page at The profile name that you enter can be taken from the URL of your Facebook profile. In my profile case, the URL for my Facebook profile is…. This means my profile name is harshadg and whenever someone enters that in Facebook chat using double brackets, my profile picture will be displayed. this is how it looks:


There are some people and pages on Facebook who do not have a profile name yet. How do you get pictures of these people? Use the numbers shown on their Facebook profile page URL. The UR looks something like this Take these numbers and put inside the brackets to see image of that person. Works good if you really hate someone and don’t feel like typing his/her name ๐Ÿ˜‰

I am not sure if this is fun as I am not a big fan of Facebook chat. Good thing for showing off when it’s new. Now, go and impress your friends on Facebook.

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  1. there are a lot of ID of emoticons to choose LOL! and perhaps it will all boil down to the basics of this smileys


    and you can also use your friends ID and press enter and see what happens.

  2. Wow, that is an awesome feature. I had no idea Facebook chat had it. I used to do something similar with my chat buddies on MSN a few years back where we’d create photo icons for sports players and name them using their initials and jersey number while conversing.


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