Pinterest Accounts Hacked

Pinterest Accounts Hacked

Few days back I got an email which said that someone logged in to my Pinterest account from Argentina. I had created a few Pinterest accounts to play around with the tool some time back and this account was not so important for me. The next day I got the same email from Pinterest and this time the account was logged in from another country. Again, I ignored the email assuming that it’s either fake and not so important for me.

Pinterest Hacked

This time again I did not take this seriously and thought this might be some kind of a phishing email to steal passwords. On receiving the email for third time, I took the matter seriously and checked if this was a genuine email. To my surprise, it was a genuine email from Pinterest. I logged in to this account of mine and saw some spammy pins posting work from home ads on my board. I knew this was a serious matter and my other accounts were at risk.

On doing some research, I discovered that Pinterest accounts which do not use the Facebook or Twitter logins were the only ones affected. I think the hackers have got access to Pinterest accounts using some glitch or a loop-hole in the system. Further, I did some research online and saw that there were many Pinterest accounts that saw unusual activity in their account.

Here is a screenshot of twitter users complaining about hacked Pinterest accounts:

Pinterest Hacked Twitter

Lot of users complained about their Pinterest accounts getting hacked but most of them said that they never used it or it wasn’t a big deal.  Big deal or no, I would still change my passwords because you never know if the hackers have managed to see the passwords in clear text form. If yes, then this can be very risky if you have common passwords for your other accounts too.

Were any of your Pinterest accounts compromised? I would recommend to check your emails and change passwords for your accounts.


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