Will The New Twitter Kill All Third Party Twitter Applications?

Twitter has announced a new look for twitter.com which is more enhanced, especially in the media front. The new Twitter will allow users to directly post images and videos on twitter. The new Twitter looks lot similar to some major twitter desktop apps and I feel this is a very intelligent move by twitter.

The new Twitter look will bring a major change for the company according to me. Why do I say this? How many times have you seen a tweet coming from the web? Not many. Almost all the tweets I see on my twitter page come from a desktop or cell phone twitter application. This means lot of third party applications are making tons of money by using the twitter api. I always was unsure on how twitter makes money. I know that they sell tweets to search engines and the other monetizing effort is twitter ads which in my opinion did not work that well. So the fact is that there is no point in advertising on twitter because people hardly visit twitter.com which means the company is not making the best from it’s user base. People are using third party apps because they are easy to use and provide lot more options as compared to twitter.com.

The Smart Move

Now that Twitter knows that lot of it’s users are not actually going to twitter.com using their browser, twitter  might have thought of making things interesting and checking out what other twitter apps are doing. This might have initiated the new Twitter look which looks lot similar to some of the top twitter apps.

Now that everything looks nice and cool with the new look, it’s quiet possible that lot of twitter users will now visit twitter.com and stop using the third party applications. The best 3 things done by twitter for their new look is the Facebook like theme, easy integration of videos/images and features similar to what the top twitter apps have right now.

The new twitter is slowly rolled out to users and it seems that everyone of us will start seeing it in few weeks. It’s now time for third party twitter application owners and developers to get their brains working and think of something better that will again bring back twitter users to their app.

Will you quit using your favorite twitter desktop application with the new twitter rolling in? Or is there a twitter app that you’ll never quit using?

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