Stop All Unwanted Traffic With BlockScript – My Review

Creating landing pages, buying images, hiring professional writers is something that most of the affiliate marketers like me do almost everyday. You spend so much time and money on getting nice landing page done but it really sucks when someone else copies your page as it is. This is a very common problem and lately it seems that number of copy cats are increasing day by day. Manually blocking these idiots is a real pain because they keep coming back with proxies and different IPs. So I was looking for a tool that would help me do this easily and BlockScript is doing the job for me as of now. I am so impressed with this tool that I immediately thought of promoting it.


What is BlockScript?

BlockScript is a security software or a script that stops all unwanted traffic to a website. This means I can block all traffic from a specific country, IP range, proxies, VPNs, servers, search engine bots, spiders etc. Yes, doing this is manually possible but it takes a lot of time to do it and still you cannot achieve much.

BlockScript is a PHP script that can work with your PHP based website and is pretty easy to install and use.

Who Should Use BlockScript?

Webmasters who would like to block unwanted traffic to their websites should use BlockScript. Websites, especially big ones waste lot of their bandwidth on spiders and bots which are of no use. BlockScript can help such webmasters to block such traffic and save money on bandwidth. BlockScript also helps from hackers and spammers saving time and money for webmasters like us.

BlockScript Features

Here are some of the features of this cool unwanted traffic blocking script:

  • Country blocking
  • Custom whitelists and blacklists
  • Super easy install and update processes
  • Caching for performance
  • Powerful APIs for developers
  • Logging and statistics
  • Block proxy servers, proxies & networks
  • Block data center IP ranges
  • Block specific languages
  • Blocking based on DNS
  • Block certain ISPs
    and more..

Like I said, my affiliate pages do have issues with copy cats coming from specific countries. I have blocked traffic from those countries as my products are not sold there. BlockScript, now also saves me from fraudulent orders and unwanted people visiting my website.

According to me, BlockScript is a must have for big websites and websites which perform online transactions. The only drawback is that BlockScript only works with PHP based websites as of now. The good thing is that they have a Free Trial so that webmasters can try the script before buying it.

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