Tata Indicom is The Most Horrible Company To Deal With

I usually don’t like to write bad reviews about a company on my blog but there is a limit to test someone’s patience. Tata Indicom would be the worst company you can ever deal with. Tata Indicom has the worst customer service and people working in their customer care are uneducated, unprofessional kids who don’t know how to talk to their customers.

The bad experience with Tata Indicom started back in October 2009 when I called them to cancel my connection. Few days after canceling the connection, I got a call from this lady from Tata Indicom and here is the conversation:

Lady: Sir, why have you cancelled your connection.

Me: I want an unlimited plan which MTNL is providing. You guys don’t have any unlimited plan.

Lady: Sir we do have an unlimited plan.

Me: I don’t see it on your website.

Lady: It’s not on the website but we have a plan in which you’ll be getting a 2 Mbps line with unlimited usage. You will have to pay around Rs 1600 plus taxes etc.

Me: OK…You can activate that but will it work on the same wiring?

Lady: Yes Sir. No need to do anything extra, even the modem need not be changed.

Me: Ok. But your people have already taken the modem.

Lady: Not a problem, I’ll send the modem tomorrow.

Me: OK

Call Ended.

No one ever came to me with any modem. A week later, two men came to my house at 8:30 PM (nice time to see a customer). They said they are here to activate my Internet Connection. They had nothing with them so I asked them where is the modem. They looked puzzled and said the modem is with me. I politely asked them to get lost and come back with the modem. One of them called their local office and confirmed that my modem was with them.

After this no one from Tata Indicom ever showed up but I kept on getting the monthly bills. I called them a few times and told them that I don’t have a connection and why are you sending me these bills, to which I never got a solution. After some time, I ignored all these bills and they went straight to my trash without me even opening them.

In February 2010, one gentleman came to my house and said he is here because I lodged a complaint that my Tata Indicom connection is not working. I laughed out loud on his face and asked him to get lost because I don’t have a connection. Couple of weeks later another boy came to my house for the same reason. This guy was very polite. I took him and showed him my entire house. I asked him if he can see any Tata Indicom wire or any sort of DSL connection in my house. He agreed with me, made a few calls to his local office and left. After a few days, I got a call from some senior person from Tata Indicom and I explained her the entire story. She apologized and said that I’ll get a new connection ASAP which I got in just two days. The problem did not end here…. I started getting 2 bills now…One for the old disconnected connection and one for the new. I had to call these guys several times to settle this and it was done.

Apart from the problems above, there are other BIG problems that you will face while using Tata Indicom service:

  1. The most irritating stuff that these guys do is call you EVERYDAY!!!! Yes I am NOT joking. You will start getting calls from these idiots everyday after you receive your bill. And NO, this is not after the due date is passed. They will call you EVERYDAY and ask you to pay your bill. I have never seen such a company before.
  2. To make things worst, I receive at least two emails from these guys DAILY. These guys think that every Harshad in the country has email address harshad[at]yahoo.com (that’s my email address). I get emails asking me to pay my bills and I am Harshad Panchal, Harshad Khedekar, Harshad add any surname to it. Replying back or complaining is of no use. Thanks to Yahoo spam options, all these emails go to my spam folder.
  3. Tata Indicom engineers come to your house without any reason. Every fortnight, an engineer will visit you to repair your connection which is working absolutely fine. On asking, they will say that you had lodged a complaint (which you never did) for Internet connection not working.

Update: I got a call from Tata Indicom just after I finished writing the last line here. Here is the call conversation:

Me: Hello.

Lady: I am calling from Tata Indicom and when are you paying your bill?

Me: But the due date is not passed.

Lady: I know but when will you pay the bill.

Me: (Angrily) The due date is 22nd July 2010 and please don’t call me before that. Why do you guys keep calling me everyday.

Lady: Hey! Don’t shout at me.

Me: I will because you guys piss me off by calling everyday.

Lady: Hey! I don’t eat on your earnings so don’t shout at me.

Me: You eat because I pay my bills and that’s how you get your salary.

LOL…I disconnected the call after that.

I hope someone from Tata Indicom reads this and takes some action. Technically, Tata Indicom has good service in terms of plans, uptime, speed etc. But with such harassment, I don’t see people sticking to these guys for long.

Update (6th August 2010): In my post above I did not mention about my Rs 1000 deposit that is with Tata Indicom since 6 months. I did not want to complain about it because they called and told me that they don’t have enough instruments for the VOIP and if required they can return my money back. I asked them to keep the money and provide the VOIP connection whenever the instrument is available.

Last Friday, I got a call from the local Tata Indicom office (Vashi) and he said the instrument is available. I asked him to send someone the next day (Saturday). As usual, no one turned up. Again I got a call on Tuesday and he said the person will come on Wednesday. An engineer did come on Wednesday but guess why? He came to my house TO DISCONNECT MY VOIP CONNECTION. On asking, He said that I had asked to disconnect the VOIP connection. This entire episode was funny and stupid. The best part was when he asked me where is the VOIP instrument.  Till date no VOIP connection no phone calls …nothing!!!

Update (10th August 2010): Again today the same person who visited my house on 6th August turned up. I was happy to see a bag in his hand this time assuming that he is here for the VOIP connection. He did not bother to come inside and asked me if my connection is disconnected. I said….. WHAT? He said he has information that my connection is disconnected and he is here to collect my modem. He smiled after looking at my facial expressions and left without saying anything. Not his mistake… I think there is a HUGE communication gap between the main and zonal offices of Tata Indicom. I think there is a language barrier where people are not able to understand difference between words like “connection” and “disconnection”, “due date” and “bill generated date” etc. Lack of proper training can result in such problems. The company needs to understand that these people are the face of the company. There might be hundreds of super smart people working for Tata Indicom but it does not help if the people facing the customers directly are like this. Creates a very bad and negative impression for the whole company!

Update (5th September 2010): Finally, I got rid of my connection. As per my billing cycle, my last date to pay the bill is 22nd September 2010 and Tata Indicom has already started sending people at my place to collect the money. My bill is not even sent to me yet. I am now forced to file a Police complaint against these guys!!! As recommended by @tataphotonplus (Twitter), I sent emails to tatateleserviceslimited[at]gmail.com one month back and I am yet to receive any phone call or reply to the email.

Update (6th September 2010): Today, I got a call from Tata Indicom’s Nodal office and he said that I was getting calls for my old connection which I am not using. It’s their mistake that they had my old connection as active in their system. He promised that I won’t get any calls from Tata Indicom nor will anyone come to my place for billing issues.

Update (7th September 2010): Today again a lady called me & rudely asked me to clear my OLD number bill. This is RIDICULOUS. I don’t understand how is this company run.

Update (10th September 2010): Thanx to Mr. Surya Prakash Sharma, all issues are now resolved. I would still recommend Tata Indicom to people for speed, uptime and other technical aspects. In my opinion they have the best uptime and speed consistency as of now. All is fine now. Hope they don’t cal me again. 🙂

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  1. I was on my vacation to India a month back and wanted an internet connection at my place..

    I searched through the Tata Indicom Website to understand more about the plans.. Called in the customer support to enquire more but was left very very disappointed. The way they speak to you it seems they dont care about the potential new customer and suggest a person from the company would come at your place to make you understand better.

    I wanted to check if the connection will work fine with my MAC and the girl on the phone answers – It will not work on older systems other than Windows XP..

    I hope the management of prestigious organization like Tata would recruit personnel who have sense of understanding in what they doing and be more polite and receptive to the enquires the customers are making..

    @ Harshad.. God saved me from taking their connection else i would have elaborated more on their bill payment harassment..

    • Thank You for posting your experience. I think experiences like this will help the company to improve in today’s world which has so much of competition.

  2. This is my first posting so thought it better be useful for some people atleast. This is for all the people who are thinking to get a broadband connection. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeese dont take Tata Indicom. They suck big time. The service is very bad and there customer support executives (thats what they like to be called)are the worst i have come across. I had taken the connection. First of all they gave me a wrong connection. They did not give me the plan that in had opted for. They gave me a plan that was the most charged of all. Before i realized i had exceeded the limits. The prepaid balance for 500 was exhausted in 3 days while all the time i was thiking that i was on an unlimited pack. When contacted they said that you have to come some 30 kms from where i stay and produce the bills, then only they are going to rectify it. Thats nothing people. In 3months my broadband was working for less than 15 days and i would have put something like 200 odd trying to call them to rectify the problem.But to no avail. Finally i lost all hopes and just let it go….. Inshort, THEY ARE BAD. DONT TAKE THERE CONNECTION

  3. Dear Customer

    Greetings from Tata Indicom!

    We apologize for the inconvenience you had to go through because of us. We earnestly request you to give us a chance to rectify the issues and serve you better.

    We request you kindly provide us your e-mail Id, Tata Indicom number or your alternate contact number to get in touch with you.

    Should you require any assistance please mail us at Customer.care@tatatel.co.in .

    Thanks and Regards
    Customer Care
    Tata Indicom.

    • You need to understand that the problems posted above are not customer specific. It has to do with the communications and process that your company follows. For eg. Calling customer everyday asking him/her when will the bill be paid is not acceptable at all. Calling the customer after the due date is fine but irritating the customers with calls everyday is bad.

  4. These tata indicom guys are absolutely incorrigible.. My friend took a connection under my name and gave her contact details (over a year back). Since the first week, I have been getting calls every single day. Literally!! and the first few months i would entertain the one off call and tell them nicely that they have to contact the person concerned..

    It’s been over a year and they haven’t updated the number or the new address. I got 5 calls today!! And like you said they call even to tell you to pay the bill long before the due date..and they keep at it

    I am definitely NEVER going to deal with this company again and will encourage those around me to do the same..

    Any suggestions on how to get these dimwits of my back?

  5. hi,
    I agree Tata Indicom has got the worst ever customer services compered to any other service provider.
    For them customer is precious only the day he is purchasing the product.
    Every month they have a new issue.
    This month they charged me for a tariff m not subscribed to n now its not working. Hampering all my work while traveling.
    And 20 mails cunt restart my net connection.
    “Pathetic services” in short.

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