Helpful Tips For People Attending Events Like Affiliate Summit

My trip to US and an awesome experience at Affiliate Summit East 2010 is over. I shared and learned lot of stuff at ASE 10 and would recommend this event for everyone who is in to Affiliate Marketing. Every event is fruitful if you make the most of it. There are people who might talk bad about an event just because they did not make the most of it. You need to do your homework before attending and being at such events. I have a few tips for people who are planning to attend events like Affiliate Summit. These tips will help you gain most from the event.

Make Friends Before The Event – You should always make as many friends as possible before the event starts. There are many people like you who will be wondering whom to meet and what to do at events like ASE. The best thing to do right here is send emails to as many people as you can and tell them on how and where to meet. Setting up a metting just a day before the event starts will help a lot.

Have a Plan – You will be confused like hell if you don’t plan your stuff . In events like the Affiliate Summit there are various things happening at the same time and hence you should plan on where will you be at what time and with whom.

Set up Meetings – Don’t expect people to spend some time with you whenever you feel like. If you are planning to meet some top names in the industry, your managers or publishers, then set up a meeting before hand with the topic you will be talking about. Send an email with the agenda and approximate length of the meeting. This should be done at least one week before the event.

Attending Sessions – Try and attend as many sessions as possible. Do some research on who is hosting the session and is it related to your field or business. At times you might end up missing a good session because you attended some session which wasn’t related to your business. Check if the sessions are for experts, beginners or everyone and attend accordingly. Mainly, see who is hosting the session and what are his expertise and background in terms of the topic.

Approaching People – You will not gain anything if you remain shy and avoid talking to people. Almost everyone attending the summit wants to talk to you and some people might simply not approach you. In this case, take that step and start talking to people. Make new friends and you will be surprised on how beneficial a single conversation of five minutes can be.

Ask Questions & Provide Feedback – If you are attending sessions (which you should), ask as many relevant questions a possible. This is a good way of standing out in the crowd and gaining some popularity. Also, talk to the person who hosted the session and tell him how wonderful it was. Every person on this planet would love to listen to these fine words. Try and develop the conversation and set up a meeting if you like. The time spent on meeting such people would be your best time spent.

Keynotes Are Must – My experience with keynotes by Jim Kukral and Frank Luntz at ASE 10 was the best. It was so good that I am looking back and trying to find earlier keynotes at ASE and other events. Do not skip these at any cost. The kind of stuff you will learn will be amazing.

Attend Parties – Try and attend as many parties as you can. This is the best place to meet new people and possibly learn a few things. People are generally in a good mood at parties and hence approaching them can be pretty beneficial.

Sponsor the Event – If possible, try and sponsor the event in whatever way you can. The kind of publicity you can get by sponsoring such events has no limits. Usually, people assume that the cost for sponsoring would be too high which is not always true. Try and contact the organizers as soon as possible to get some nice deal on sponsoring the event.

I hope these tips helps everyone who is planning to attend events like Affiliate Summit. Please share some tips of your own.

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11 Responses to Helpful Tips For People Attending Events Like Affiliate Summit

  1. Terrific post! I especially like the part about approaching people. So much of affiliate marketing is actually about the connections and networking. Even if you can’t do business now with the person you are talking to, you may end up being able to connect them with someone else (or vice versa) or eventually end up working together down the road.

  2. Lots of helpful advice – it’s so important to be proactive at conferences to get the most out of them.

    I feel bad when I see people sitting on the sidelines, because they’re just watching opportunities pass them by.

    • Thanx for your comment Shawn. Almost everyone at ASE10 was approachable. Some top people in the industry walked up to me and made friends with me…. quiet an experience.

  3. Great tips! Unfortunately I missed the keynotes (I was running on California time and it was way too early for me) but a few of the sessions I went to were GOLD. I especially enjoyed James Martells on outsourcing. Outsourcing will completely change your online business for the better, I know it definitely did for me.

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