How To Link Your Name To Your Website in Livefyre

Few days back, John Chow redesigned his entire blog. He changed the commenting system from wordpress default to Livefyre. After this change, I have seen that the number of comments on John’s blog have gone down. I am not a fan of such commenting systems. I really am not sure how they benefit the readers or the blog owners. Anyway, the Top Commentators list is still there on John’s blog so I did not see any other reason for people to stop commenting until I saw that some commentators had no backlinks to their own websites or blogs. Getting a backlink from a blog that is using Livefyre commenting system is very much possible. You just need to take some extra steps to get this done though.

When you comment on a blog which has Livefyre installed, you link your profile to either Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google or OpenID. The comment on the blog will have your name which is linked ro your Livefyre profile. This link can be changed to your website or blog so that you get some link love while commenting on blogs having Livefyre installed. To get this link, all you have to do is visit your Lifyre profile and insert your website link. To do this, just go to your Livefyre profile page and click on settings. You will see a box where you can enter your current sites:

LivefyreOnce this is done, just click the update button at the bottom and you are all set. Now all your comments old and new will have a back link to your sites mentioned in your Livefyre profile. Now, lets start commenting to get some link love.


8 Responses to How To Link Your Name To Your Website in Livefyre

  1. Thanks Harshad,

    I posted on John Chows blog… which was a little bit of a pain because I had to sign up for Livefyre. I guess I can see why his comments went down.

    Then I realized my link was going to LiveFyre…. and not my site. I appreciate the tip to make the link work.


  2. I looked for this also, and updated but it didn’t work. I see others names working with links to their blogs via their user name. I know my profile is updated with “other” but still links to my livefyre profile. Am I misreading your explanation above?

  3. I have added my site to the correct field, however it does not link my site to my username. It still redirects to livefyre. Do you have to insert an image in order for it to work? Thanks for the help.

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