Macbook Pro Ascii Codes Shortcuts

I use a Macbook Pro and it’s an awesome laptop. I have decided to use only Apple products till something better comes in the market. Apple products are way much better compared to anything else. A few days back I discovered that typing ascii codes on a Macbook Pro is pretty simple. Just use the option key plus any other key and you will get the ascii code.

I do use ascii codes for lot of my stuff and this little discovery made me feel pretty good. I am not sure if it works on other Mac products but I think it should. Here are some example ascii codes:

Option + 1 = ¡
Option + 2 = ™
Option + 3 = £
Option + 4 = ¢
Option + 5 = ?
Option + 6 = §
Option + 7 = ¶
Option + 8 = •
Option + 9 = ª
Option + 0 = º
Option + – = –
Option + = = ?
Option + q = œ
Option + w = ?
Option + e = ´
Option + r = ®
Option + t = †
Option + y = ¥

Mac OS allows you to do so much very easily. Highly recommended. 🙂

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5 Responses to Macbook Pro Ascii Codes Shortcuts

  1. Nice tip. I use my wife’s Macbook Pro occasionally to do coding for blogs and this will really help. Especially on those credit card posts where I have to include a trademark or copyright sign.

  2. On Windows, you can type pretty much any ASCII character on screen in any app by using the Alt + . Like ?? here !!

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