Want To Sponsor The Next Event I am Attending?

I love industry events and I always try to attend them if I can. I take pictures, make videos and write about my experience at such events. Lot of the top events happen in USA and there are few other events like ad:tech happening in India and Singapore. Traveling to these events involves some cost so I am looking for sponsors who can sponsor me for this event. If you sponsor me, I will give back whatever I can which will help you increase exposure to your business. This is a wonderful opportunity for people who are not able to travel to all the events due to their busy schedules and yet want some exposure.

Sponsor Me For Events

This is how it works. Here are a few things that I can do for you or your business when I attend events in locally and abroad. You can sponsor one of these or sponsor the entire trip if you like.

1. T-Shirt Sponsorship for event – I will wear your company T-Shirt all the time at the event. I like hanging around at the exhibit halls where I take tons of pictures and videos. Wearing your T-Shirt will give lots of exposure to you and your brand.

2. T-Shirt Sponsorship for event parties – Lot of these events have parties almost everyday. You can sponsor me to wear your company or brand shirt at these parties. I am a party animal and I love meeting new people. Lot of people who are not seen at the events are usually present at the parties.

3. Sponsored Posts – I write posts about the events I attend. All the posts will mention about you sponsoring the event. These posts are shared a lot in the social media. This itself will give you great exposure in the industry. Your name as a sponsor will remain forever on these posts.

4. Sponsored Videos – Just like posts, I take videos and post them on YouTube. I will post your company or brand name on all the videos of that particular event. Again, these videos get a lot of views and are shared on the social networks. Your name will never be removed from these videos.

5. Business Cards – You can send your business cards and I will drop your cards at places and introduce your business to people I meet. I am also open to have your business logo on my personal business card. I drop and exchange tons of business cards at events and it really helps in increasing your business.

These are the Sponsorship opportunities open as of now. You may come up more ideas and we can have a deal. I am not mentioning rates here because the cost to attend events differs depending upon the location, type of event, time of year etc.

How Does Sponsoring Me, Help You?

I can tell you that by just wearing your company T-Shirt at such events can give your business loads of exposure. Also, there are times when you are not able to make it to the international events but would love to get some business from that place. For eg. If you are in USA and have a website or business that attracts Singaporeans, it would be perfect for you to sponsor me in one of the events in Singapore. You won’t be there but your brand will be and in my opinion that is very important!

I’ll be updating the list of forthcoming events I am planning to attend so that you can choose your event. You can find the list below:

22nd – 25th Feb 2012 – ad:tech  New Delhi, India.

13th – 14th June 2012 – ad:tech Singapore.

12th – 14th August 2012 – Affiliate Summit East, New York, USA.

TBD – January 2013 – Affiliate Summit West.

Note: The rates depend on how much is the cost to attend the event. The major cost in all the events is the airfare and the airfare is always lower when you book earlier. As a sponsor, you will spend less if you reserve your sponsorship as early as possible. This way you will be spending less. 

You can use the contact form or send an email to Harshad[at]TheDotComBlog.com if you would like to sponsor me for the upcoming events.


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