Build eCommerce Websites With WordPress and Headway

Building eCommerce websites is has now become easy with Headway themes. Headway Themes has officially announced that the team at JigoShop has enabled Headway Theme users to build eCommerce sites. JigoShop has released a new Headway extension which will allow everyone to have an eCommerce websites with WordPress.

This means that you can create some awesome looking eCommerce websites using WordPress and the Headway Theme. If you have already used the Headway theme then you already know the power of Headway which allows you to create themes using their drag and drop feature and much more.

eCommerce Sites With headway theme and WordPress

How To Install JigoShop

1. Get JigoShop 1.1.1 or greater.

2. Get Headway 3.1.1 or greater.

3. Install Headway Theme on your WordPress installation.

4. Activate Headway Connect extension.

5. Use the JigoShop blocks on your site

Yes, there are quiet a few WordPress eCommerce themes and plugins available but using those themes makes your eCommerce portal look similar to others. The Headway WordPress theme allows you to have a unique looking website which can be built without touching a single code.

Headway is the best WordPress theme/framework available in my opinion. Check out my previous posts on Headway to know more:

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