Choosing The Right Web Hosting – Chapter 5

This is Chapter 5 of my Make Money Online Series. In the last chapter we saw how to select a right domain for our website and in this chapter we will see how to select the right hosting.

Selecting a Web Hosting company is pretty important because that’s where our websites will be. It is very important for your servers to be up all the time so that you do not lose any vistors and revenue. Considering the fact that our website will be new and won’t receive lot of traffic, we can choose shared hosting. Shared hosting means the website and all our files will be on a server which has lot other websites as well. A server is nothing but a normal PC with high end configuration.

In our make money online series, we will be developing websites using free open source scripts like wordpress. Most of these scripts are developed in a language called PHP and hence we can choose to have a linux based server. The database we will be using is MySQL and hence the server needs to have MySQL installed in it. Linux, PHP & MySQL can be obtained free of cost and hence such servers are less costlier. We won’t be installing these on the server ourselves so don’t start panicking already.

I would recommend everyone to always stay away from Microsoft technologies in case you are not that familiar with the technology. Scripts developed using Microsoft technologies (asp, aspx etc.) most of the time require windows server and other tools which are licensed and cost money. Hence, a Microsoft based server is always costlier as compared to a server that has it’s operating system as Linux and database MySQL. Again, we won’t be doing much with all these so don’t worry about that. We will be buying a server which has everything configured.

A software called CPanel is available on most of the webhosts which makes our job much easier to install various scripts. CPanel allows us to have a website up an running within 5 minutes and this is for everyone including people who have no clue about coding. So now we know that we need a linux based server which has PHP, MySQL and CPanel installed in it. Now it’s time to look for some deals we can get.

Lot of newbies make a mistake of hosting their websites with web hosting providers who provide hosting as cheap as $1 per month. There’s no harm in hosting websites with such hosts if you are not too serious about your website and business. In my initial days, I made a mistake of running my websites with such hosts and had nothing but problems like malware, scripts not working, hacking and more.. The most important thing that you should see in a web host is their support. I would never go with a hosting company that does not have phone or chat support. Whenever I am facing problems, I want instant solution to the problem so that my website is up and running quickly. So, support is something that is very important when you choose your web hosting company.

I have had experience with all the top hosts that exist and would always recommend HostGator. They have a nice plan where you have to pay just $9.95 per month and you can run as many websites as you can. In $9.95 you get unlimited domains to host and unlimited bandwidth. Support from HostGator is unbeatable. I always go for their chat support and most of the times they have a solution for you even before your chat begins. HostGator is simply amazing and there is no web hosting company that can beat them.

Once you purchase hosting from providers like HostGator, you will be given a user name and password using which you can login to your CPanel. Now it’s time to get your website ready!

You can find more posts about web hosting on this blog. Please feel free to shoot some questions in the comments section.

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  1. Do you have any advice on learning MySQL? I’ve been forced to dabble with it in the past but would really love a solid guide to firmly understand what’s going on instead of just “making things work”.

  2. One of my websites was taking more than 20 seconds to load after it was completely set up using zencart. Completely unacceptable! After some research, I found out loading time can be improved with a zencart certified webhost (there are 6 mentioned on the zencart website). Not sure if this is true!

  3. I started out on a free plan too then quickly changed to a paid site. With good online research, you can easily find one that suits your requirements for $7 or less a month. They are not expensive anymore.

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