Headway Vs Genesis Vs Thesis WordPress Themes

When people ask me as to why I chose the Headway WordPress Theme over Thesis and Genesis, I tell them there is no comparison between Headway and Genesis or Thesis. There is a big misconception where lot of bloggers and webmasters assume that the Headway Theme is very similar to Genesis and Thesis. I have used all the 3 themes or frameworks and Headway has tons of features which Genesis and Thesis don’t have.

and Thesis WordPress themes are almost same with just a few minor differences. You cannot have a blog theme as per your wish without changing the code with these themes. With Headway, you can create whatever you want without touching a single line of code. For example, right now this blog has 3 columns on the Homepage and before this it had two columns. It took me around ten minutes to change the Homepage from 2 column to 3 columns. Also, the width and height of the columns were defined by me from the visual editor itself. Back in 2010, I made a video on how cool the Headway visual editor is. Lot more has changed with the release of Headway 3.0 and it’s grid system though. Here is quick video I made showing how the Headway grid system works:

It is possible to have a different layout in Thesis and Genesis as well but you don’t have much choices as you need to choose from the 6 layouts that they provide. According to me, the Headway visual editor is the main difference between Headway and other themes like Thesis and Genesis. It allows you to add or change fonts, colors, blocks etc. in real-time as if you are working on a word document. You get to see the changes you are making live and can choose to save everything only when you are satisfied with the theme design.

I am not comparing the in-built SEO for these themes or frameworks because all 3 provide same features and most bloggers prefer using 3rd party plugins. Also, cost wise too there is not much of a difference.

Top Bloggers use Thesis & Genesis why not Headway?

A few people has got in to this argument with me too. The answer is pretty simple. Genesis and Thesis were launched before Headway. Moreover, we need to understand that top bloggers won’t usually work on the designing and coding aspect of their blogs. Top bloggers would hire designers and coders to get their theme set right. If you can afford a designer and coder then it’s your choice but with the Headway wordpress theme, I can assure you that you won’t need a designer or coder at all!

Check out more features of each theme:

Have you tried Headway, Thesis and Genesis? Which one do you prefer and why?

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2 Responses to Headway Vs Genesis Vs Thesis WordPress Themes

  1. The last Headway version I tried was 1.7 and I had to abandon it because the very basic things I required couldn’t be done without using HTML and CSS.
    I didn’t realize that until after I had purchased it and had read through the documentation. Their advertizing at the time lead me to believe that it required no coding. I got a refund.

    I have been on a No-Coding-Required theme/framework search ever since.

    I am almost ready to try Headway 3. It looks like it has made some, well, “headway” itself in its ease of use.

    Genesis is more beginner-friendly than Thesis. But I have recently become aware of three other WordPress theme/frameworks that are easier still. They are Catalyst, iThemes Builder and Howling Dog Themes K9 Canvas.
    They are very similar to each other with some small differences (much like Thesis and Genesis).

    I will be doing an evaluation of Headway 3 shortly.

    Thank you for this post.

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