How To Protect WordPress Blog From Hackers

WordPress right now would be the mostly widely used open source application on the Internet. With so many websites and blogs using wordpress, it is very important to keep it safe from hackers. Hackers are always looking at such widely used applications because the percentage of vulnerable websites/blogs is much higher. Matt Cutts explains how webmasters can protect their wordpress blogs from hackers.

This is very important for ALL webmasters because hackers can do anything with websites. Right from deleting and stealing posts to gathering information on sensitive data like bank accounts, paypal accounts and more…

2 Responses to How To Protect WordPress Blog From Hackers

  1. Hehe already hit by Hackers. They has entered on 5 of my sites. Google has also declared one of them as affected by malware. I had to upgrade all my wordpress versions in order to delete them.

  2. You need to ensure that the machine from which you login to your sites is not infected. There are viruses and trojans which steal ftp passwords and then upload such malware.

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