How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog Using RSS Feeds

Just like lot of other bloggers, I provide full RSS feeds to my readers. This means that my blog feed readers can read the post using their favorite RSS reader without actually visiting my blog. Obviously, I am losing some traffic and revenue due to this and it’s OK because making money from this blog is not my main motive. Imagine doing the same on a blog which has something like Google AdSense or banner ads loaded on it. You write quality posts everyday and your readers get to read it using their RSS reader. They read the post and close their reader. What did you get out of it? Nothing!


Inception of RSS dates long back before the origin of blogs. RSS was then used to syndicate the emails but today with the growing popularity of blogging community RSS has turned into an important blogging tool. We can’t deny the power of RSS in improving readership and productivity of a blog but at the same time there is a dark side of RSS which bloggers often overlook. It is a fact that RSS helps in gaining repetitive visitors and building a loyal readership but strangely RSS could be dangerous at times. The strange truth which can be termed as dark side of RSS feed is that it actually stops the visitors from visiting the blog.

Readers get the entire content in RSS Feed and thus they do not bother to visit your blog which substantially reduce your blog visits and your revenue. This is where the blogger are actually missing the pace by not having any control over the RSS subscribers.

My friend Pawan Agarwal from MaxBlogPress has understood this problem that bloggers are facing and has decided to help us all by providing a solution. This solution comes in form of a WordPress plugin known as  Bring My Blog Visitors Back. As the plugin name suggests, Bring My Blog Visitors Back will help in increasing your blog traffic. Most of your RSS readers will now have options to comment on your blog, share it on social media sites, click on your banner ads and buy your product. This ensures that you will now be able to get traffic and make more money from people who just read your RSS feed.

Bring My Blog Visitors Back Wordpress plugin is first of its kind. It offers complete control over the RSS feed which can be used wittily to entice the readers and subscribers to visit the blog thereby increasing the loyal readership of the blog. Bloggers can easily manage the RSS feed by using this plugin and also can keep the content thieves away from your blog.


MaxBlogPress Bring My Blog Visitors BACK Features:

  • Displaying the related posts is one of the best things the bloggers can do to entice the subscribers to visit the blog. You can add up to 5 related posts with your RSS Feed.
  • The plugin also has a feature of adding the Social sharing buttons in the RSS Feeds which includes the four major social sharing buttons like StumbleUpon, Facebook, Digg it and Twitter. This allows the readers to share the posts directly from the feed.
  • The RSS Feed can be made even more enticing by adding the number of comments. Number of comments makes the readers curious to what people are talking about a particular post which may further tempt him/her to post a reply or a comment in the post.
  • Not just the number of comments but you can also display the latest comment in the RSS Feed. This will perk up the enticement of the reader to comment on your blog post resulting in increasing your readership.
  • One of the best features of this plugin allows you to add HTML to the header as well as the footer of your RSS Feed. You can add a text, your add code or a copyright note in your RSS Feed.

Bring My Blog Visitors Back plugin, in my opinion will help bloggers to have full control over RSS Feed. The readers and subscribers can now share your post directly from the feed. The best part is that all this is easily customizable and you don’t need to tweak any file or write a single line of code. The plugin has simple check boxes using which you can enable or disable the features of your choice.

MaxBlogPress Bring My Blog Visitors Back Discount:

You can get a discount of 30% if you purchase the Bring My Blog Visitors Back plugin today! I don’t think the discount will last long because there is NO alternative for this plugin as of now. This is the first time that someone has created such a revolutionary plugin for WordPress which will help bloggers to get more traffic and generate more revenue.

Bring My Blog Visitors Back

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