Sell Directly To Advertisers and Make More Money

With so many people banned from Google AdWords lately, it has been difficult to advertise on Google. The most important thing that many advertisers and publishers forget is that Google is just a mediator and you can bypass Google to make more money. The best way to do that is by communication and/or automation. If you are a website owner, you should have a contact form or advertising options available using which an advertiser can easily buy ads on your website. Not many know that a contact form on a website can help but providing instant advertising and payment facility can do wonders for you. Automation is very important for advertising and using a automated advertising system can get you more advertisers. Imagine waiting for days for your ad to get approved on a website or network. It does suck! Same is the case with your advertisers.

Websites which offer ad slots and payment options online can instantly display advertising without any kind of communication required. This means that automating your advertising can get you more advertisers as compared to something that requires advertisers to contact you and then sign a deal etc. I personally like to advertise on websites where I can immediately buy an ad space, upload my banner and see the traffic come in.

There are many third party websites that allow this kind of facility. These websites keep their commissions for doing all the backed stuff like payments, banners etc. On the other hand, people can simply choose some plugins which will help people to visit their websites and advertise immediately after making payments. One of such plugins which I use is called Oio publisher. This is one of the best plugins for selling direct ads on your website or blog.

With plugins like Oio Publisher, you can bypass the mediators and keep the entire advertising money for yourself. This can make a big difference to your over all blog or website income. Oio Publisher costs only $47 and readers of this blog can get a special 10% discount. Just use the coupon code MYWINDFALL-HARRY and get your discount. Oio Publisher is easy to install just like any other wordpress plugin and can help you get advertisers instantly. They have a marketplace as well where your website will be listed and interested parties can advertise on your website. Pretty cool, I should say!

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  1. I did this with a couple of banner ad spots back a few years ago. I forget the network, but it was really easy to setup and I sold ad space pretty quickly even though I was a small blog at the time.

  2. I had a conversation with someone who makes money with Adsense on why he doesn’t run his own CPA affiliate offers or offer media buying for others. He rather them advertise on his site through Adsense. Some people like the simplicity of adsense, especially when you have a lot of sites to manage.

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