Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Since around 2 years most of our affiliate sales are coming from users who are visiting our websites using a cell phone or a tablet. I was surprised to see this first and it really pushed me to ensure that all of my websites are loading fine on a cell phone or a tablet.

Mobile Friendly Website

While all this was happening, I would constantly search if Google has any guidelines on mobile friendly websites but I could not find anything apart from basic concepts. I am a kind of person who always like to stick to my basics and hence I think I got rewarded by ranking high and making lot of conversions with my mobile friendly websites. Now, we first check if my website is loading fine on our iPhones, android devices and various tablets before we check them for browser compatibility on a PC.  I have been lucky because the Headway WordPress theme ensures that my website is mobile friendly by default. Due to this, I did not really had to work to hard on my websites.

Thanks to Google, finally they have come up with an online tool that will check if your website is mobile friendly. I know lot of people are ignoring this which also includes some top affiliate marketers are bloggers. I happened to meet one of them and he said he was more interested in getting all his ads loaded. Not a good move according to me but I think it will change now after Google’s official announcement about adding “mobile friendly” labels.

If you are really serious about your website traffic then I highly recommend tweaking your website so that it loads fine on cell phones and tablets.

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