What are illegal Yahoo ids

Lot of us want to be different in this world to gain attention. Gaining attention by doing something different can be achieved very easily when you are really different. People on chat try and be different by using innovative chat ids. Lot of people make funny ids and gain attention from fellow chatters.

The biggest and the most used chat network according to me is the Yahoo! Chat Network. Millions of people can be found in chat rooms with thousands of chat bots . Many times you might have come across weird chat ids. These ids have hyphens, spaces or some sort of characters on them. You try to make such an id but it is impossible to make one. I am talking about the original id and not the Nickname. Nickname can be created or changed as and when you feel. Nickname can contain spaces, hyphens or any other special characters.

Yahoo chat ids with hyphens, spaces or other special characters and called as "illegal ids". Few examples of such ids: _Harry_, _____Harry_____, Nice Harry, Bad Harry, —Harry—, harry@prodigy.net, h@rry, h-a-r-r-y and much more. These ids in real are not the so called "illegal" ids. These ids are legal and can be used if you have them. The only problem is that you cannot make such ids anymore. Such ids were made by people who started using Yahoo back when it started in 1996 (I think). Yahoo stopped people creating such ids in 1999.

Nowadays people are crazy behind such ids and pay good money to buy them. Lot of password crackers are created to crack such old ids. Apart from such ids, people are also crazy for original ids. Original ids are just one word like Harry, Harshad, Blogger etc. People like owning ids which include their own name. I am proud owner of one email id at Yahoo Harshad[at]yahoo.com. This wasn’t cracked or bought. This id was made by me back in 1996. I made quiet a few ids for friends then and still have access to them …not sure if I have them all yet. If you need yourname@yahoo.com, then please ask me in comments. I will give it to you for free in case it was made by me. Chances are very less but you may try your luck.

Update (28th feb 2009): I am sorry for not being able to provide Yahoo! ids to all of you. I have given ids to some of you who have commented here. It is really difficult for me to contact you guys and I also apologize for not responding to your messages on Yahoo! messenger (most of the times I am on another machine).

To avoid all this I have decided on a mechanism where everyone will get an id. I have loads of ids with ‘yahoo’ in it and will give it to everyone who scubscribes to my blog via email. All you have to do is subscribe to this blog by using the option on the top right part of this blog. Please subscribe USING EMAIL else I will not be able to contact you for ids. I will send 1-2 ids per week to all of you guys. People who have already asked here and haven’t got the id also please subscribe so that I can contact you all and give Yahoo illegal ids.

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  1. ive been looking for cupple names cant get lucky enuff to get em
    eddie or _eddie_ and for my wife i like to find _devil_ or devil lol i know good luck right

  2. As per my information all ids asked above are deleted. I have some ids with the word yahoo in it. Let me know if any if you guys want one.

  3. I am crazy of cheguevara.but bored of simple ids.If you got any of those old ids and feel so generous still hit me on and I will say God bless your parents:-j

  4. hello harrry! I was looking for a yahoo illy id.
    Im hoping you have a yahooqueen id. or cray

    if none, ill be more happy if you give me any illy id.
    i will be so happy!

    I will be waiting.. thank Youu so much!!

  5. bro harry.. if you still have a yahoo id that has a “yahoo” word in it..
    like yahoo_bitch, king_yahoo and so on…
    send it to my e-mail.. x3kym@yahoo.com
    and if you have yahoo id with a “f**k” word in it..
    thanks in advance…

  6. Hi Harry.. i’m just wondering if you could lend me a spare illy id? any illy id will do please because i’m so crazy to have one i’ve been dying to have one of those. whatever illy id will do specially those who have many underscores like this>> __paul__ thanks a lot.

  7. hey, i am a fan and addict of illegal Id’s :), dash,undy, numbers, 4 character, 3 char.. or exploit id’s anything.

  8. hello harry
    hello guys

    i sell names for afew money any like to buy u can add me messy name : _cartonman_

    and thx guys

  9. hi!im really interested for this illy id and hoping to have one.i always ask some of my friends if they can make illy id,but nobody can do:(i really appreciate you kindness if you could lend me one illy id to my name Dior.i know i have no right for you to ask a favor like this,but just like what you said you can lend us for free thats why im here asking if i can have even one of your made.if possible i want it to be look like this>>>> _______Di0r_______.ireally do appreciate your kindly response.thank you!

  10. bro harry, i really luv that undy id bro but so hard to get it,huhuhu please give me 1 yahoo undy id bro(anything),so preciathed that bro

  11. bro i had just added you to my ym.. just like those other guys, can i ask if you have this id _nicko_ or -nicko- or NICKO or n-i-c-k-o ty bro and more power

  12. whats up people…looking for any hitler illys…h1t3r illys will work also but i dont prefer it…add or msg me on hitler_was_gangsta on messy…i have a few names willing to trade if needed but would rather a toss if possible…thanks HIT-MAN

  13. bro do u have some id maker there.. for illies only.. can u shared some thier bro.. dash id maker will be nice.. if you have…

    peace bro…..

  14. Hi! I am longing to have an illy id. If its posible for you to provide me one of your cute illys would be highly appreciated. Thank you and advance happy valentines to all.

  15. hi harry im mark and i want to have an ilegal id any id that is ilegal that you can gave me is very appreciatable by me i just want to have one ilegal id if you can give then thank you so much and more power just email me one ilegal id please !!!!

  16. hey harry,,,
    would u by any chance have any vicky id’s? 1 word underscores anything?? or cherry
    ty..have a good day
    i will be waiting patiently your reply pls pls pls

  17. hi..harry…can you plsss help me.. fix my id…. can i have and ID like this e_____isen or ___eisen___ or this one.. ei________sen plsss.. harry i really really need your help plsss..thanx a lot

  18. hy bro hw r u my name is pankaj and am very fond of such illly ids!!! so plz could u help me regarding that? i would be very thnkful to u:x

  19. sup, im looking for drug related names prefferably something with meth in it… Everyone in yahoo chat calls me meth so i deserve it….
    my messy is yah.tripleg…. most of the time im on but ill get the off line message…… Later

  20. hi harry im linda and i want to have an ilegal id like this >> __ball__ that is ilegal that you can gave me is very appreciatable by me i just want to have one ilegal id if you can give then thank you so much.

  21. I Crack accounts i’ve been making crackers for yahoo sence 98..have cracked meny illys as they are called over the years i sell some make about 800$ a week off them but yeah names are over rated and gay

    Jay Bomber

  22. i have lots of illys undys and dashed id.. i used cracking tools like kryptonite to have them.. just try to visit some sites illy ids is the main topic.