What Does Incentivized Offers Mean

If you are in CPA marketing, you might have come across the term ‘Incentivized’ many times. Not many people know the exact meaning of this term and end up ignoring such offers. Incentivized offers are a real gold mine and easy money if you know how to promote them.

What Are Incentivized Offers?

If you see the term ‘Incentivized Offers’, it seems like these are offers which are incentivized. Actually, the meaning of Incentivized offers is that these offers can be promoted by giving Incentives.

Lot of offers like lead generation, zip submits, email submits etc. are easy to convert if they can be promoted by giving incentives to people. This means that you can tell your friends, colleagues or family members to fill up these offers and in return you can do a favor for them. The favor many times is in form of a payment. So lets say an email submit offer pays $2 and can be promoted by giving incentives. This means that I can ask my friends to put in their email addresses on the offer page and in return I agree to pay them some amount.

A Word of Caution

Almost all incentivized offers have this restriction. The restriction is that the conversions should not happen from a same IP address. All submits have to come from different IP addresses. Many times advertisers will accept just one conversion from an IP in 24 hours.

Where To Find Incentivized Offers

Almost all CPA Networks have incentivized offers. You just need to place proper filters to search for them or just ask your Affiliate Manager. If you really find it troublesome then the best option is to Sign Up with Blam Ads. Blam Ads is a CPA Network which has ONLY Incentivized offers which in my opinion is super cool.

Where To Find People Who Can Fill Up Incentivized Offers?

I would recommend websites like Microworkers, Rent A Coder etc. to find a group of people who can fill up offers for you. You can pay them some amount for doing the job and enjoy the profit. Nice and easy way to make some money online without much of work.

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