What is e-whoring

e-whoreGoogle AdSense was the biggest thing that happened to webmasters all over the world years ago. After that people were counting a lot on Yahoo Publisher Network but it was a major failure. People have made and still are making their fortunes with Google Adsense and other PPC networks. As usual a new thing always overcomes and right now is the time to make money from CPA ads.

As explained in my previous posts, making money online through CPA ads means making money by asking people to submit some information. This information can just be a zip code, an email address or some sign up information. If you are really serious about making money from CPA (Cost Per Action) ads then you should really work on the zip and email submit offers. This post is not really about how to make money online with CPA ads. As the post suggests this is something that talks about how to make money by being an eWhore

What is eWhoring?

A whore is a whore and e whoring means an online whore. This might sound a bit uncomfortable to some people but making money through ewhoring is the latest buzz. eWhoring actually means posing yourself as a girl on the Internet.

Why would I pose as a girl?

Alright, I know this is a genuine question. Posing as a girl on Internet, especially chat means involving some perverts on chat and sending them to a site which makes you money.

How do I make money here?

Lot of dating (adult or non-adult) networks pay you once a person fills in his details and submits a form. This income can range from $1.45 to unlimited. $1.45 can be earned on networks which pay you once a user fills in a form an submits it without making any payment or submitting his credit card information.

So what do I do?

All you have to do is pose as a female on chat sites and get involved. You may ask the person to go to a page and sign up which in turn makes you money. You have a higher chance if you are a female. All you got to do is show your face on cam and ask the person to sign up on a site to see more of you…ahem…ahem…You know what I actually mean.

I am a Guy, have tried this and people do ask for cam. This thing does not work.

If you look around, there are many software available which can show a few seconds cam clip from your computer. The person will then be convinced that you are a female.

Is this genuine?

Yes and NO. This not a legal way of making money online but there are affiliates which don’t give a f*** about such things. If you are really scared of losing your account then please talk to your affiliate manager before practicing e whoring.

This is illegal and can get you banned.

Like I explained above it depends on the network you are doing it with. Do it or continue making money online the way you are.

This sounds interesting but is there any other legal ways of making money this way?

Oh yes. Just follow this post.

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  1. E-Whoring seems to be a good way, actually have always just heard about it but never tried those kinda things.

    Posing as a girl just to make money online isn’t that good. Use your original skills and you can make money being a guy and showing yourself as a guy!

    Chetan´s last blog post..WordPress 2.6.3 Released

  2. Heh even though e-whoring is the bane of my existence but it’s interesting to hear about from the other point of view. What blows me away is e whores you aren’t smart enough to use a female first name on their gmail accounts. Oh well, no one ever said whores were all that bright.

    Morob´s last blog post..Classic mistakes

  3. Michael is right….e-whoring can get you banned. Talk to your affiliate manager before you do it. I am not sure if they will allow it but taking permission is always safer.

  4. Here’s an idea. How about instead of teaching people what you DON’T know about being a professional business persona or marketer, you instead send them to people who actually know what the hell they are doing.

    Novel concept, isn’t it? Think about this, if you were doing things properly would you have to stress about:

    Getting banned from all of your networks

    Getting your blog slapped by google

    Having customers purchase your products because of YOUR name instead of your schemes.

    I’ve been teaching online for over 4 years now and not once can I recall any of my students taking the approach of e-whoring nor would I ever teach them that type of slum tactic.

    Also, with your articles. If you are going to attempt to write in a Western English Style, take a course in the proper sentence structure. The only person you are going to fail, in the end, is yourself and you are one of the causes for 98.5% of people coming online to do business, of them failing.

    My hopes would be that someone spreads your name and site around as the WORSE internet marketing advice in existence.

    Bob Yeager
    Founder of The World Entrepreneur Success Training Program and
    Host of The Hit Online Radio Talk Show Out-Side the Box LIVE!
    President of eWeb Marketing Management.

    P.S. Leaving my information shows that, unlike you… I care about my name being placed on what I write… instead of misleading people with random crap.

    • Hey Bob,

      Thanx for your comment. I write whatever I feel like writing…Its my blog. I don’t feel like giving an explanation on what I write, how I write and why do I write. I write cos I love doing it and I’ll continue doing so. I talk openly about things that have helped me make money online and I share that with people so that they can also make some money.

  5. You can prolly ‘e-Whore’ Sachin into meeting you somewhere !!
    use one of those fake cam clips and prove that ewhoring doesn’t just help you make money but there are other uses of e-whoring too!

  6. It just goes to show that there really are tons of ways to make money online.

    But that doesn’t mean all of the ways you read about are conducive to a long term and stable business.

    Making ‘fast cash’ has its place but it really is no comparison to doing things the right way and building a solid and stable online business.

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