WhatsApp Messages May Not Be Actually Private : Security Expert

According to security consultant from the Netherlands, WhatsApp users should be careful while downloading Android apps. Bas Bosschert, a technical consultant with more than 10 years of experience on Linux and Unix platform, said that developers can hack entire message database of WhatsApp.

Bosschert also mentioned that if users don’t read an app’s permissions carefully before installing, their WhatsApp chat history could end up in unknown hands.

Bosschert further added that, WhatsApp takes the messages back up on your phone’s SD card. Apps can easily access this information if users have granted the permission. This means the backup is entering database with insecure storage and the chats could possibly read and stolen by another app. In short, the developer behind another app could decrypt and eventually gain access to those messages.

WhatsApp messaging platform has been getting more attention since Facebook acquired the text messaging service last month. Earlier reports claimed that, WhatsApps’ ingoing and outgoing messages are encrypted with the same key.  It means that if an attacker intercepts these messages, it can be analyzed to cancel out the key and recover the plain text.

Google has currently prohibited apps that collect information without the user’s awareness from entering its Play store.

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