Why having an e-profile is important


Many of us are now trying to make some serious money online. Many of us are also looking for jobs which involve spending lot of time on the Internet. Article writers, Search Engine Optimizers, web designers, web developers…and the list go on. Do you have it in you? You probably do but does the person who is going to recruit you knows about it? Having an e-profile might not be that important to a web designer or a .Net programmer but it is very important for someone like an SEO or an Article writer.

With everything being Internet driven, nowadays chances are very high of the recruiter searching on the Internet about you rather than believing in all that crap you have on your CV. Lets take an example of an SEO. You call yourself one of the best SEOs but you need people to trust you on that. Now doing that is very easy. The best way of impressing someone is to make a blog and rank high for your name. Any company would be highly impressed by this. Have articles about search engine optimization, search engines, page rank and link building. For you, this will be your CV and not that old 3-4 page CV which you have been carrying since ages now. I am sure that your chances of getting a relevant job will be very high.

I myself have recruited some people after seeing what they have done online. Now this need not just be a blog. It can be his/her participation in relevant forums, profile on a rent a coder kind of website or something similar.

An article writer can always brag about how his article/s was published on ezine articles or how one of his articles made to the first page of Digg. This definitely adds value to you and your profile. I would suggest all SEOs, article writers, content developers etc. to have an e-profile where you list everything that you do or have done relevant to your profession. Links to various websites as proofs can be shown. A good profile on forums like digitalpoint for a designer or coder can always help. So get up and have a blog, take part in forums and let people know that you exist in the e-world. There are various free options to host a blog, create free web pages and take part in forums…If you still don’t find it then just Google it!!!

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