Why I am Least Bothered About Google Algorithm Changes Including Panda

Recently, at the Mashable awards party night I met a group of people who are in the online business. One of them started talking about the big Panda update and how it is affecting people. I just walked out of discussion because I really hate it when someone tries to show He or She is knowledgeable with Google algorithms. I would not follow anyone until and unless He/She is a Google employee. I see so many websites and blog posts talking about how you can get affected by the Panda update and how you can not let it affect your website. Whenever I come across such posts, all I say to myself is ‘Another BULL CRAP!’. The problem is that most of us start believing whatever we read on the Internet. Lot of things that we read might be true and good for knowledge but I don’t understand people who read stuff online and straight away start making changes to their websites accordingly. No one knows what Google does and the best way to keep your site in good books of Google is to follow their guidelines. Google might do thousands of changes to their algorithm without even informing us. It is really funny to see when everyone start talking about how their blog ranking has gone up or down due to Google’s recent algorithm changes.

As far as my experience with Google goes, these changes usually affect very few websites. Your website will never ever get affected by any of Google’s updates if you follow these simple rules:

  1. Keep posting unique quality content on daily basis.
  2. Do not copy content from other websites.
  3. Provide value to the search engines and your website visitors. Just two lines of information with an affiliate link or tons of AdSense ads will never work.
  4. Don’t buy back links and don’t get back links from websites which look like spam.
  5. Place links to relevant websites which have more information on the topic you are writing about.
  6. Don’t always follow what others are saying. At times you know better than others.
  7. Read point 1 and keep doing it all the time.

I see a lot of so-called SEOs and bloggers share false things. The top 3 myths that I read about everywhere are:

  1. Getting back links from .edu sites.
  2. Writing blog posts which have a minimum of 500 words.
  3. Getting a .com domain name. A .com domain will help for people to remember but Google does not care about what TLD you are using.
I don’t think any of my websites has ever been affected by any of Google updates since 2004. I don’t bother much about back links nor do I copy content from other websites. I just concentrate on building good content everyday and I think Google likes me and my websites for that. It’s that simple… we are the ones who make it complicated all the time.

If you are a blogger or a website owner, I would recommend you to forget about all Google updates and just concentrate on the points I have mentioned above. I see people waste time and money trying to get back links or do changes to their sites. Time and money both are very precious and spending it on developing quality will always give you good results.

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2 Responses to Why I am Least Bothered About Google Algorithm Changes Including Panda

  1. Hi Harshad,
    I agree with you when you say that we shouldn´t follow anyone´s idea of SEO just because he/she know how to write well.
    But I am very new to this world of SEO and I have a lot of doubts about Google´s policy and intentions.
    What I´m trying, for weeks now, to understand this God Damned “nofollow”. I completely agree with the idea. But how Google knows if it is a natural link.
    For exemplo: My wife has a blog that has a banner that links my mother’s blog and banners that are paid links at the same sidebar widget “Recommendation”. How does Google see this. Can I let my mother’s link dofollow, since she´s not pay for it and I really recommend her blog?
    If you can help I would appreciate, but I think there isn´t a right answer for that.

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