Will Microsoft Kill Skype?

The deal has been made and Microsoft has acquired Skype for $8.5 Billion. What does it mean to Skype users? Skype has more users than twitter and the user base is growing at  a high speed. But will this continue after the acquisition by Microsoft? I personally think that a small amount of people who use Skype might stop using it and the user base will not increase at the same pace. Why? Here are my reasons.

  • With Microsoft comes lot of security issues, malware, hacking etc. Right now, Skype is believed to be the most secured  chat application but will it remain the same? Microsoft is known for it’s malware and it is possible that Skype becomes a victim of it very soon. This might result in lesser people using Skype.
  • We all know that Microsoft hates Google and maybe Apple as well. People are moving towards non-Microsoft operating systems and as of now Skype supports most of them. Will this continue? Will Microsoft allow non-Microsoft operating systems to run Skype? Knowing Microsoft and how they want people to use only their products, it’s very hard to trust them right now.
  • Along with computer OS, there is a risk of Skype support being removed from Mobile OS as well. Android is capturing the mobile market like crazy and being not able to run Skype on such mobile OS can result in people looking for other alternatives to Skype.

Steve Ballmer has confirmed that Skype will continue to support non-Microsoft platforms but will he stick to his word? Only time will tell. Microsoft has already announced Skype integration with their other products and soon we will see more corporates buying licenses for Skype and other Microsoft products.

This can be a good time for Google to come up with something like Skype in the market and I am sure that people will start using Google’s application. People have more faith in Google as compared to Microsoft and everyone is happy to use a new application. Will you start using Windows just for Skype in case Microsoft stops supporting other operating systems? I would rather stop using Skype.

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