WordPress 3.3 “Sonny” Released

WordPress.org has released its latest version and is available for download. The latest version 3.3 of WordPress is named “Sonny”. The name Sonny comes after the jazz saxophonist Sonny Stitt. I’ve upgraded all my blogs to the latest version of WordPress and here are some major updates found:

  1. The entire admin panel now looks fresher and better.
  2. A new toolbar is provided on the top which does our job much simpler to add new post, approve comments, check updates etc.
  3. The admin menu is now much better. The old admin menu was really irritating with the drop down for further options. With the new admin menu, all you have to do is just hover on the links and a sub menu will fly out. This definitely now saves my time now.
  4. The most important update for WordPress users with the release of 3.3 is the media uploaded. Now you can simply drag and drop files in to post box. No need to browse files and then upload them. This saves some time as well.
  5. Touch support has been optimized for people who use devices like iPad to update their blogs.
  6. Import of your blog from Tumblr is now supported. This is really a great news for people who want to shift their blogging platform from WordPress to Tumblr without much hassles.

Please visit the WordPress Codex for more details on the update.  All in all, a great update and something most of you will be happy with.

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