WordPress Plugins Used on This Blog

Like everyone else, I use a few wordpress plugins on this blog which helps me in getting what I want. The theme used on the blog is called Headway which in my opinion is the best theme for wordpress as of now. The plugins used here are used on almost all of my wordpress websites. Here is the list:

  1. Akismet – Akismet helps in fighting spam comments. Akismet will check if the comment looks like a spam and immediately put it in the spam section of comments. You can always remove comments from spam because some at times even genuine comments are treated as spam. If we look at recent stats, this blog has received 3717 spam comments since 25th Oct 2010. All were blocked by Akismet 🙂
  2. All in One SEO Pack – This one is my favorite and a must for every wordpress blog. All in One SEO plugin optimizes the blog for search engines by improving title tags and meta tags. It has more features which help in a great way for SEO.
  3. Wordpress Plugins

  4. Comment Luv – This is a nice little plugin which shows some love for people who comment on this blog. Commentators can post their blog link and Comment Luv plugin grabs the latest blog title and links it back here. This encourages people to leave more comments on the blog. A nice gift for everyone commenting on this blog.
  5. Datafeedr Random Ads – This plugin allows me to show different ads anywhere I want to on the blog. Pretty useful if you want to show up different banner ads with every page load.
  6. Exec-PHP – One of the best plugins that allows me to insert and execute PHP codes in a post or page. WordPress, by default will not execute your PHP code posted inside a post or page. Exec-PHP helps me in doing that.
  7. Feedburner Feedsmith – RSS is one of the main aspect of any blog and displaying RSS feeds in a nice manner is very important. Feedburner Feedsmith redirects the blog RSS to Google’s Feedburner link making it more presentable.
  8. Flickr Photo Album – Nice plugin which allows me to display photos from my Flickr album. Has some neat options using which you can customize how photos will be displayed. You can even hide photos and choose the ones you want to show.
  9. Global Translator – As the name suggests, this plugin helps people to read this blog in various languages. One of the main reasons I use this is because it does help in getting some extra traffic as well. People search for terms in languages other than english and land up on my blog. Pretty useful plugin.
  10. Google XML Sitemaps – Plugin that generates sitemaps optimized for Google. This is one of the must have plugins on every wordpress website.
  11. Highlighter – New plugin released by Unique Blog Designs. This plugin helps people to highlight text on the blog and share it on twitter or Facebook. I have a post on Highlighter in case you want to know more about this plugin.
  12. Popular Posts – Displays a list of popular posts on a blog.
  13. Sharebar – I added this recently. Sharebar displays a nice bar on the left hand side of the post or page. Users can tweet or post the page on Facebook, Digg etc. using this bar. Pretty useful.
  14. Similar Posts – Displays a list of related posts below every post. Very helpful for readers who would like to read more posts on the blog which are relevant to the current topic.
  15. Simple Author Highlighter – Highlights author comments on a post. If you notice comments by me are highlighted on this blog. This plugin helps me in doing that.
  16. Subscribe Remind – Reminds blog readers of subscribing to the blog at the bottom of every post. Pretty helpful in increasing blog subscribers. By subscribing, readers get notified once the blog is updated.
  17. Top Commentators Widget – Displays a list of people who have commented the most on the blog. This plugin can be customized the way you need it. Top Commentators widget is currently helping me to choose Free Gold pass winners for Affiliate Summit West 2011.
  18. WordPress Database Backup – Backs up the entire database with click of a button. A must have plugin for every wordpress site.
  19. WP-Contact Form – Creates a nice contact form using which people can contact me. Contact form without any kind of coding skills can be generated using this plugin.
  20. WP-PageNavi – Adds paging navigation on all pages. The 1,2,3.. page numbers at the bottom of every page is due to this plugin.
  21. WP-Polls – Creates polls easily. Polls are created using the Ajax system.
  22. WP Touch – Optimizes the blog for touch smart phones. Using this plug, the blog can be viewed easily on touch phones like the iPhone, BlackBerry Storm etc.

Apart from these plugins there a few I remove/add depending on what I exactly need. Am I missing some cool plugins? Please let me know if there are some nice ones that I am not using.

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    • Planned to do that earlier. Now, since plugins can be installed without going to the actual site or downloading them I thought it would be fine if I dont link them.

  1. Lots of useful plugins. One warning though – if you use many plugins, make sure you measure site load time. Installing WP super cache plugin is a good idea.

  2. Thanks for opening up the toolbox and showing your plugins. I love seeing what others are using. I use Go Codes (aff link cloak and redirection), Who Sees Ads (to only show adsense to search visits), and Broker Link Checker (does what it sounds like), in addition to many that you have listed.

  3. This is great. I am kind of scared to share my wordpress plugins, because then wont everybody be able to just copy what you do.

    Maybe it is because sometimes I design wordpress themes for new markters.

    I use featured content gallery, all in one, and cbnet ping to keep from ping spamming. Those are just a few

  4. Thank you for adding and using my plugin “Simple Author Highlighter”. If you have any suggestions regarding functionality or any comments please tell me

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