Is It Worth Creating Hundreds of Backlinks?

I often see SEOs claiming to provide 100s and 1000s of backlinks for your website and charge for it. In one of the organizations I worked for, off-page SEO only meant commenting on various blogs with a keyword as the anchor text. Clients paid a decent amount just for the service regardless of the comment staying on the website. Thank God I was not working in their SEO department. Let’s see what backlinks actually work and is it really worth spending time and money over creating tons of backlinks.

Quality Over Quantity

A good SEO will try and get backlinks on websites with high page rank and solid authority. Such SEOs will always talk about quality links rather than the quantity. I would have one backlink from a PR 5 website rather than having 10 backlinks from websites which have no PR.

Niche Does Matter

One should always try and get backlinks from similar websites. Quality is important here as well. A website on Apple iPhones will get more link juice from a website which has information on cell phones or gadgets. So always look for backlinks from a similar niche.

Do Your Backlinks Really Count?

Most of the above information is known to lot of webmasters and SEOs but still many of them tend to follow the wrong process. I have come across a webmaster who works almost 4-5 hours writing articles everyday. He has some kind of automated service, using which the articles are then published on various blogs. After doing some research over his backlinks, I saw just a few of them actually showed up. There were no backlinks from any of his articles on Google Webmaster Tools while Yahoo showed just two backlinks.

The point here is that you may have hundreds and thousands of backlinks but are the search engines really looking at those backlinks? People are blindly putting links in their articles and these articles are then published on blogs which are not even indexed by search engines. The chances of these blogs being in bad books of Google is also high. Being linked from a banned or penalized website can cause trouble for your domain and website as well. Months and years of hard work will all be wasted.

How To Check Backlinks

Google Webmaster Tools have recently started showing lot of backlinks data and hence this can be a good information to check. The other website that can be used to check backlinks is AllTheWeb. Just use the parameter and you will see all the backlinks.

The best recommendation I would give is to look for high quality backlinks with a similar niche. Don’t waste time on trying to get backlinks from hundreds and thousands of not worthy sites as most of them won’t count.

4 Responses to Is It Worth Creating Hundreds of Backlinks?

  1. After a certain amount of time google will adjust your site and you will be ranking better than before. I believe in any link, what ever you can get, quality and quantity. Link velocity and consistency is important too. Don’t get 500 links for 1 day and stop. Build up to 500 links a day.

    • I’ve read a lot of reports that say quantity of links is not as important as getting quality links. You can have 10,000 links on Viagra and gambling websites and they won’t be worth anything, but you can have 5-10 highly targeted, niche specific links and get a MASSIVE boost in rankings. This is doubly true since Google’s “Mayday update”.

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