Get Ready For the Yahoo Microsoft Search Alliance

Just got an email from Microsoft stating the beginning of search alliance between Bing and Yahoo. This means that people advertising using Microsoft AdCenter will start seeing clicks from sites which serve Yahoo Ads and vice versa. I am pretty much excited about this as I use AdCenter the maximum when it comes to PPC. It seems that a few advertisers will start seeing in the changes from this month itself.

I would recommend people who are advertising using Yahoo or Bing to keep a watch on their budgets. There will be common publishers across Bing and Yahoo now which means one can see lot more clicks resulting in more spending and hopefully more sales. This also means that the competition will be more tougher as advertisers will be bidding for positions on a single platform. I hope to see quality scores getting implemented in AdCenter just like Google AdWords which allows us advertisers to spend little with quality content and landing pages.

The Search Alliance also affects organic search results. This not might be a very good news for people who get lot of traffic from Yahoo. Starting mid July, a few people will get Bing search results on Yahoo and this will be implemented with more people later. So if you were completely unaware of this alliance, its time to optimize your websites for Bing and ensure that you have more pages in Bing search results.

How is this alliance affecting you as an advertiser or publisher? Share your thoughts….

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