Is Your Facebook Photos Tab Missing?

Last night, a friend of mine came to me explaining how she is pissed off with Facebook privacy settings and cannot make it work. I was pretty surprised to hear this because Facebook privacy settings have been working fine for me always. The problem this girl had was that she had an album which she wanted everyone to see. This means that album has to be displayed to all users who have a Facebook account, regardless of they being friends with her. She had set her album privacy settings to ‘Everyone’ but still only her friends could see her album. The photos tab was not visible to people who are not her friends. Being a photographer, she wanted her work to be shown to everyone who are not her friends or her friends’s friends.

I checked her Facebook account privacy settings and everything was looking fine. Did some research on the Internet and there were many posts on how to hide your photo album but there was no information that explained how to display your pics to people who are not your friends or your friends’s friends. The most surprising thing to see was hundreds of people complaining about this being a ‘bug’ and Facebook is doing nothing about this.

After researching for some time, one thing struck my mind. The ‘Photos’ link on a Facebook account is a ‘Tab’ which means this is an application. So what can be the problem here? Application Settings. We need to get in to the Facebook Photos application settings and check if everything is fine there. In application settings, I went to the Photos application and clicked on edit settings. This is a pop up which I got:

Facebook Photos Tab Settings

The Box option there says Available which mean a Photos box can be added to the profile. Simply adding the box and changing the privacy to ‘Everyone’ did the trick. It takes a few minutes to get this reflected on your account and some people might have to log out and log back in to see these changes.

So every time you have a problem with any of your Facebook applications not showing up, try and check if everything is OK in the Application Settings. Adding tabs & boxes can be done right from here.

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  1. This method still does not work for thousands (if not millions) of users. There is a *bug*, and FaceBook is doing NOTHING about this issue.

    While this POST is very useful for those that do not have the bug, it does not solve 100% of those that have this problem.

      • Hi Harshad,

        How do you propose doing that? With the vast amount of knowledge and information on the web I was surprised that I could not find a solution. Which leads me to believe “there is no solution”. As Facebook indicated “they are aware of the issue”. Further solidifying my belief an answer is not to be had. I’m fairly technical, and I’ve gone through every link and every photo album and set everything to EVERYONE …. NOTHING works.

  2. hi Harshad,
    i got the same problme and even can’t find “photo” on my application list. because of that, i can’t follow the instruction as u provided. coulud u give me any other idea that i can re-show “photo” tab on my facebook? TKS!!

  3. Well I don’t even have the application settings feature. I don’t even get that pop up, because it seems that Facebook has changed the way they had application settings before. So I can’t even do anything about it, and I also deleted my albums box from my wall by accident and can’t figure out a way to put it back on there.

  4. I am facing the same difficulty – there is no feature of ‘Edit Photo Settings’in Edit your Settings accessed via Applications & Websites from Privacy Settings. As David Orzechowski has mentioned there is a flaw, hence await Facebook needs to rectify this unless there is a work around it.


    >>way way back it is working, but now it isn’t.

    When we click Account, there is no longer Application Setting in the choices.

    But there is this Application and website when you click Privacy setting. All your
    used applications were there, still Photos Tab is not listed.

    ~Can you please help me!! T_T

      • I also have a problem the photo of my online friends in the left corner of my screen was hide. could you help me unhide it. I already go to the account settings but there is nothing related to the problem

  6. In the same boat as everyone else. I’m not able to edit the privacy level for photo (I want to make the tab public again)

  7. The new facebook changes that came through at the end of October have removed the Photos Tab from my many users profile, i have raised numerous helpdesk messages through facebook but have not had a single reply for them for the last three weeks!

    Before the Facebook changes i had my photos application set to “Only me” and i used another application which i had added to my facebook tab to display all my photos for friends to see. The new Facebook changes removed all other applications that are not facebook specific from the profile tab including Photos since i had it set to only me. The Problem now is that the new facebook changes don’t have the functionality to enable the photos tab, i can’t see the photos on the list of application settings. My albums are all set to everyone but none of my friends can see it, this seems like a major bug.

    If anyone has had this problem and managed to fix it, please would you be kind enough to please let me know?

    • Well said Carlos – I have the exact same problem. I had been using Photo Album Strip and “not” the default Photo’s application which I too had set to “Me Only”. Since the change I can obviously no longer us Photo Album Strip, but I no longer have access to the photo tabs application under applications and settings – it isn’t listed anywhere so I can’t change the Photos tab back to “friends”.. My albums are all set to “Friends” but without the tab they don’t have access.. Likewise, I have sent quite a few emails to facebook but like you I have received nada from them. Really really frustrating..

  8. My photo tab has been missing for a good month or so. I can see it on my own profile page, but none of my friends can see it. Facebook has made it virtually impossible to contact them- and it seems there are thousands of people out there unable to share their photos. I am very frustrated and have considered opening up a new account. However, I don’t want to have to shuffle friends around, etc… This sucks on Facebook’s part. I understand they want to protect people, but part of Facebook’s appeal is the photo sharing. I post photos all the time- people can only see then when they are in the newsfeed- after that, good luck!

  9. grrrrrrr! it’s been months with nothing to fix the problem. it’s now 2011! all of the Facebook application (not 3rd party) settings are nowhere to be found!

  10. I have the same problem as everyone else. I want the album to be displayed to all users who have a Facebook account, regardless of they being friends with me. I had set her album privacy settings to ‘Everyone’ but still only my friends could see my album. The photos icon on my profile was not visible to people who are not my friends.

  11. I have the same problem. I edited my Photos settings in September so that a certain friend could not see my photos tab. When I tried to go back and un-do this setting, I could not access photo settings at all. The settings for Photos does not appear under Apps & Websites section of the Privacy Setting page. I’ve contacted Facebook several times and have received no reply. Additionally, there were several posts in the Help Center’s Discussions section about this problem. However, now those questions have either been removed or when you attempt to click on them, you’re redirected to the Photos section of Facebook’s Help Center. It’s like they’re trying to keep this problem quiet. It’s super frustrating.

    • The photos settings are still there try this

      Goto Edit > Privacy Settings > Customize settings now under “Things i share” section click “Edit album privacy” I hope this will solve your problem.

    • Hey, I’ve no idea how to remove the photos tab now. In the past it was ok. Now it seems that I can’t remove it. Do you know how??

  12. Vikram and Flaco.x3, thanks but following those steps doesn’t resolve my problem. Your instructions allow me to edit my album settings for individual albums,but I am still unable to return the *photos tab* to my profile page. Users used to be able to control who could view all albums by limiting who could view the photos tab rather than changing settings for each album. Now that option is gone so previous changes cannot be undone. 🙁

  13. I stupidly clicked on the “x” next to the Photos app and, of course, they disappeared. I did what you advised — and the photos did return. This was not a Facebook problem — it was my silliness! THANKS! PHEW!

  14. Hi there, I found I had a problem in uploading pics and tried all your suggestions but alas none worked, but thanks for the advice.

    Having said that, I decided to erase all the applications I had not used, nearly all, and found that I can now upload my pics.

    I also found that as I am on the admin of our clubs page that I can upload to that page and then post a link on my own page for my friends to view the pics on our clubs page which is open to everyone.

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